ILSI Europe joins the Transparency Register of the European Union

08 November 2019 – ILSI Europe has been accepted in the Transparency Register of the European Union (EU). After succeeding the official audit, ILSI Europe joins the registry under the Non-Governmental Organizations section. From November 2019, the ILSI Europe official Transparency number is 241834336293-06.

This number constitutes a step forward to the New ILSI Europe. It is another move to invest in trust, crystalized in this EU official recognition for Transparency.

This achievement is an official recognition of the success of the transformation of ILSI Europe and a great reward for all of those who have been active in transforming ILSI Europe over the last years” –  Ignacio Garamendi, Executive Director in ILSI Europe. Read more

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ILSI Europe, your scientific expert network for safe and nutritious food

About Us

We bring scientists together from industry, academia and the public sector to deliver science of the highest quality and integrity in the areas of food safety, nutrition, consumer behaviour and sustainability.

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Emerging Issues Process

The Emerging Issues Process offers all interested stakeholders the opportunity to engage in the identification of emerging issues that should be addressed by ILSI Europe and where ILSI Europe is expected to provide a relevant and substantial contribution. Now, it’s been decided to focus on Consumer Behaviour Determinants.

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Our Events

We organise scientific sessions, workshops, webinars, symposia and more. To see our upcoming events, past successes, and general event information, click below.

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Our Publications

We have published 428 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and if ILSI Europe were an individual scientist, he/she would have a h-index of 80.

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Our EU Projects

ILSI Europe has been taking part in European Commission projects since 1995, playing an active role in projects under the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes, and now under the Seventh Framework Programme and Horizon 2020.

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Our Members

Our collaborative approach is mutually beneficial to scientists from industry, academic, and public sectors. Both large and small companies benefit from ILSI Europe’s network of the world’s leading scientists.

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