Our members

Our members

Who are our members?

ILSI Europe’s membership is open to all companies active in the food or food-related sector, as well as companies engaged in the manufacture of medicinal products and products for human consumption and producers of ingredients used in the food supply chain.

As of April 2024, ILSI Europe counts with the support of 38 members companies.

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Working with ILSI Europe is an opportunity to meet peers in other companies and sectors to identify scientific issues that we share and to explore the ways to solve those issues. Through participation in expert groups, I have the pleasure to meet renowned experts which helps me expanding my scientific knowledge.

Gloria Pellegrino, Scientific Affairs & Research Manager Lavazza Group

ILSI Europe provides a unique venue for us to learn from each other, to understand new science, and draw together our exchanges into quality publications.

Neil Buck, Corporate Toxicologist, General Mills

General Assembly

The General Assembly of Members (GA) is the ultimate decision making body of ILIS Europe. Each member company is legally represented by one Official Company Representative appointed by the member company. The GA convenes once a year. It approves the annual accounts, takes all decisions relating to budget and programme of activities and elects the members of the Board of Directors.