Expert network

Expert network

Our collaborative approach is mutually beneficial to scientists from industry, academic, and public sectors. Academic experts involved in our activities contribute in kind, through voluntary work. Academic experts can join ILSI Europe as:​

  • Task Force Scientific Advisor
    to provide guidance on a Task Force long-term scientific work program and ensure
    its scientific integrity;
  • Expert Group member
    to conduct research activities commissioned by the Task Forces;
  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) member
    to provide guidance on the overall scientific programme of ILSI Europe;
  • Board of Directors (BoD) member
    to participate in the managment of the organisation.

Why join ILSI Europe as an academic​?

Collaboration opportunities:

  • ILSI Europe provides a platform to collaborate with industry experts, government agencies, and other academic researchers.

Access to cutting-edge research:

  • By joining ILSI Europe, academics gain access to a network of scientists and experts who are actively involved in the latest research and developments in food safety, nutrition, and health.

Career opportunities:

  • ILSI Europe Expert Groups welcome Early Career Scientists, giving them visibility and a chance to collaborate with esteemed experts in their field; this includes working with University professors within the ILSI Europe community who can provide further career opportunities.

​Funding opportunities:

  • Joining ILSI Europe gives access to a network of experts engaged in EU-funded projects who might welcome you when building their next consortium.​

Educational and training opportunities:

  • ILSI Europe organises workshops, conferences, and training programs to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills among its members. ​

Science-based decision making: 

  • ILSI Europe's peer-reviewed publications help inform risk analyses, decision making, and policies and regulations on issues related to food safety, nutrition, and health.

​​Multidisciplinary approach:

  •  Joining ILSI Europe allows academics to gain insights from different, often multi-disciplinary, perspectives, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of complex scientific issues related to food safety, nutrition, heath and sustainability. ​

Whilst ILSI Europe provides a platform for collaboration and exchange of scientific information, ILSI Europe emphasizes the importance of academics maintaining their independence and adhering to the principles of scientific integrity and transparency in their research activities with ILSI Europe and its members.


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