Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our vision

Science securing a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for all.

ILSI Europe fosters a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for all with trusted and impactful science.

Our Mission

To provide guidance to the food sector through collaborative science.

ILSI Europe develops, communicates & disseminates​ science-based guidance to tackle food, public health and sustainability challenges by facilitating collaboration and consensus building between academic, industry and public service experts.

Our Operating Principles

Scientific integrity principles, including inclusivity and transparency, apply to all of ILSI Europe’s activities.

As a non-profit organization, ILSI Europe operates through in-kind contributions of experts and relies on financial support mainly from corporations and institutions. The design, review and execution of ILSI Europe’s scientific research proposals and activities are independent from the funding sources.

ILSI Europe’s scientific research proposals are selected for their relevance to public-health. All activities are designed and implemented in such a way that the highest quality standards are achieved. Expert groups are unbiased: they consider the totality of the evidence, incorporate different points of view and interpret according to consort/grade norms.

Our Core Values


We believe that sharing our different perspectives is essential to learn from one another, create relevant outputs and grow as people and as an organisation. We cultivate a sense of community, within our team and with our tripartite stakeholders, based on respect, openness and inclusiveness. ​


Being flexible, open-minded, and innovative has become a necessity in our fast-changing VUCA world. We are committed to addressing emerging issues and adapting our activities to our stakeholders' needs. We welcome feedback from our internal and external collaborators and do our best to act upon it.


At ILSI Europe, we strive for excellence. We are proud of our operating principles that guarantee the scientific integrity of our work. We are also committed to being trustworthy, responsible and transparent in the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the relationships we build.​


We are passionate about improving human and planetary health. Our activities are all looking for long term impact. We build long lasting relationships with our stakeholders, and we favor sustainable options in our internal policies and daily actions.

About ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe is the European branch of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), a global, non-profit federation. Founded in 1986, ILSI Europe fosters collaboration among the best scientists from industry, academia and the public sector to provide evidence-based scientific solutions and to pave the way forward in nutrition, food safety, and sustainability. To deliver science of the highest quality and integrity, scientists collaborate and share their unique expertise in expert groups, workshops, and other events. Our fit-for-purpose deliverables include peer-reviewed publications, reports, guidance documents, webinars, symposia and more. Whereas ILSI Europe’s activities are mainly funded by its member companies, academic experts involved in our activities contribute through their voluntary work. In addition, ILSI Europe receives funding from the European Union-funded projects they partner with and from projects initiated by Member States’ national authorities.