Nutrition for the Ageing Brain Symposium

Nutrition for the Ageing Brain Symposium

About the event

Cognitive decline with age is common in healthy individuals and extends throughout adulthood. The same mechanisms responsible for normal aging, such as oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, and vascular dysfunction, also contribute to neurological diseases. Although there is a wealth of data on how nutrients and diets can support cognitive functions and brain health, their therapeutic and pharmacological potential in humans and clinical conditions remains largely unexplored. Major health organisations have not yet provided dietary recommendations for preserving brain health and cognition, nor have specific nutrients’ role in maintaining brain function during aging been clearly defined.

ILSI Europe’s Nutrition & Mental Performance Task Force embarked on this project in 2014 to review the evidence supporting how nutrients, food and diet influence brain health by organising a series of events on this topic.

Previous editions

The first workshop on Nutrition for the ageing Brain took place in 2014. It aimed to gather key experts in the field and discuss the latest evidence supporting how nutrients, food and diet influence brain health. These workshops grew and became a well-attended symposium, attracting in 2022 over 100 delegates (55% academia, 40% industry, 5% public institutions) from different countries.


Conference proceeding from the 2nd and 3rd editions were published in the journal Ageing Research Reviews, which also sponsored the symposium poster session.

  1. Nutrition for the Ageing Brain: Towards Evidence of an Optimal Diet
  2. Nutrition for the Ageing Brain: Moving Towards Clinical Applications

2025 edition upcoming: sponsorship opportunities

ILSI Europe now welcomes food and related industry or scientific journals to participate in the 5th edition of the Symposium on Nutrition for the Aging Brain that will be held in 2025. The location remains a surprise. Sponsorship will allow your organisation to be recognised at the following levels:

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your involvement in the 5th edition of this symposium! Feel free to contact Hugo Costa at should you wish to discuss an alternative option not listed above.

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