2nd Workshop on Nutrition for the Ageing Brain

Copenhagen, Denmark
30/06/2016 – 01/07/2016

Ageing is a highly complex process that includes many common chronic neurodegenerative diseases. So far, the majority of existing drug treatments for neurodegenerative disorders are unable to prevent the underlying degeneration of neurons.

There is a desire to address these challenges by developing alternative strategies to prevent the detrimental effects of brain ageing, such as the use of nutritional interventions. 

Despite a wealth of data on how nutrients and diets may support cognitive function and preserve brain health, the biological mechanisms underlying this relationship remain largely unknown.


The Flyer including the programme was available here.

This workshop was specifically focused on mechanisms of ageing and neuroprotection via nutrients as well as implementation of the available data. 


Nutrition as an Opportunity to Delay the Onset of Cognitive Decline
Prof. Diána Bánáti

Session 1: Mechanisms of Ageing and Impact of Nutrients
Defining Healthy Ageing
Prof. Keith Wesnes

Alteration of Brain Plasticity During Ageing: Implications for Dietary Interventions
Dr Sandrine Thuret

Early Life n-3 PUFAs Dietary Deficit Affects Neuronal Plasticity and Memory (Not Available)
Dr Sophie Layé

Epigenetic Modulation of Brain Function (Not Available)
Dr Aniko Korosi

Session 2: New Avenues in Cognitive Ageing and Nutrition
Gut Microbiome and Brain Function 
Prof. John Cryan

Long Chain Non-Coding RNAs / miRNA 
Dr Dragan Milenkovic

Inflammation and Mitochondria
Prof. Vittorio Calabrese

Effects of Tyrosine on Brain and Cognition in Healthy Older Adults
Dr Esther Aarts

Enhancing Protein Clearance for Age-related Diseases 
Prof. Ben Bahr

Session 3: Challenges in Investigating the Role of Nutrition On Cognitive Performance
Obesity, Diabetes and Cognition 
Prof. Louise Dye

Inter-Individual Variability in Response to Treatment and Cognitive Decline Risk Factors
Prof. Wim Vanden Berghe

Identifying the Multidimensional Controllers of Ageing
Prof. Stuart Maudsley

Malnutrition in the Elderly and Cognitive Decline 
Prof. Tommy Cederholm

Session 4:  Multi-Component and Multi-Domain Interventions
Rationale for Multi-Nutrient Intervention in Early Alzheimers Disease (Not Available)
Dr John Sijben

Multi-Domain Approaches for Prevention Trials (Not Available)
Prof. Alina Solomon

MAP Trial (Not Available)
Prof. Bruno Vellas

Session 5: Relevance to Public Health
Socio-Economic Impact of Healthy and Pathological Ageing (Not Available)
Mr Raphael Wittenberg

Health Claims
Dr Peter Willatts

JPI Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (HDHL), a Public-Public Partnership
Dr Martijntje Bakker


For more information on this event, please contact Dr Lucie Geurts, Scientific Project Manager (workshop@ilsieurope.be).