Design, develop and release a multistakeholder platform for the future European Food Safety System (FSS)

Total Budget: € 3,000,000
Consortium: 23 partners
Countries: 12
Duration: 1 January 2020 – 1 January 2024


The current EU food safety legal framework is based on evidence and risk analysis. However, it is not yet quickly adaptive to undertake issues arising from the food sector dynamics. Recent controversies have served to illustrate deficiencies in EU risk communication; situations where consumers often receive truncated or distorted information. In addition, the different food safety actors in Europe have no integrated platform, to encourage a regular interaction and enable their concerted input in creating and maintaining a FSS for tomorrow.


The aim of FOODSAFETY4EU is to develop a platform for the FSS actors and stakeholders, addressed to:

  • synchronise food safety research strategies;
  • increase the availability of knowledge and data;
  • boost interactive cooperation within the system and with civil society and consumers;
  • enhance public.

Expected Impact

FOODSAFETY4EU directly responds to these challenges:

  • fostering coordination and integration among different food safety stakeholders;
  • promoting multi-level actions by applying a participatory process;
  • making available knowledge, data and innovative tools; to support evidence-based policies for the future and increase consumer`s trust in the Food Safety System.

Role of ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe support the dissemination of the projects through its involvement in two Work Packages (WP). In WP6, ILSI Europe helps to co-design the platform strategy and to set up the business model for long term and multi stakeholder cooperation, able to exceed project end: the European Food Safety Forum. As co-leader of WP7, ILSI Europe will help to coordinate the efforts of the consortium to establish a science-policy-society collaborative ecosystem. To this purpose, the consortium will create a website, social media campaigns, and video promotions, among others. ILSI Europe will also be actively involved in the graphic design of the project material.

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