How we work

How we work

ILSI Europe is primarily funded by its industry members. We also enjoy the support of public funding, e.g. when participating as a partner in EU-funded projects. Academic experts involved in our activities contribute in kind, through voluntary work.

ILSI Europe's Task Forces are the main catalysers that initiate, develop and manage all ILSI Europe projects. They are funded by member companies. Expert Groups are the workforce carrying out the projects. They are composed of representatives from member companies supporting the Task forces and academics contributing through voluntary work. The ILSI Europe team is the coordinating body, responsible for the overall organisation, coordination and accomplishment of the activities.

Task Forces

Task Forces initiate, develop and manage all ILSI Europe's activities. They reach their goals and address their issues through expert groups, partnerships in European Union-funded projects, workshops, webinars and conferences.

Task forces are composed of representatives from supporting member companies (min. 5) and non-industry experts acting as scientific advisors (min. 1). Each task force appoints a Chair, a Vice-Chair and an academic Co-Chair who will work in close collaboration with the ILSI Europe secretariat.

A new Task Force is created after being reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee and external academic reviewers, provided it does not fall within the remit of an existing task force and provided it receives the support of at least 5 member companies.

A Task force is funded by its supporting member companies and disbanded either when its programme is completed or in case company support falls below the required minimum of 5 supporting member companies.

Open Task Forces are presented in the "Activities" section of this website.

Expert Groups

Once a Task Force has identified a new topic of interest, it develops a new activity proposal that is first submitted to the Scientific Advisory Committee as well as to independent external academic reviewers. Then, the proposal is submitted to the Board of Directors for their review and approval. When a new activity is approved by the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors, the Task Force members nominate the experts identified in the activity proposal. Expert Groups comprise at least 50% scientists from academia and the public sector, and up to 50% industry scientists. Each expert group appoints a Chair from academia and a Vice-Chair from industry.

Expert Groups carry out the work outlined by the Task Forces. They collect and analyse data and information, and write scientific papers. Their fit-for-purpose outputs are peer-reviewed scientific publications, guiding documents, and more.

Ongoing Expert Groups are presented on the Task Force pages of this website.