Providing digital technologies that increase transparency throughout the food value chain to save money, resources, people and the planet

Total Budget: € 11,053,903
Consortium: 27 partners
Countries: 14
Duration: 1 September 2022 - 31 August 2026


The drive for greater transparency raises many questions. How can transparency be best used to allow the consumer to make more informed food choices? How can the challenges to increase uptake of transparency solutions among food system actors as connectivity, interoperability, privacy, cost-efficiency, and low consumer confidence in the technologies be overcome? How can the latest technology developments be used to enhance transparency? How can such technology be made available and affordable to small businesses? There is a need to address these questions, to showcase best practice, latest business innovation and technologies, and inform policy within a demand driven business environment.

Objectives and expected impact

The overall aim of TITAN is to enhance food transparency in order to transform the food system into a demand-driven economy that provides consumers with healthy and sustainable food.
The 21 TITAN innovations will address:

  • transparency of information to consumers, for better food choices;
  • transparency for enhanced food safety and authenticity of products;
  • better information on health and sustainability of food products.

The project has included the provision of an extensive tender for an open call (€1.5M) for new partners to join TITAN and supply more innovations on transparency related solutions.

Role of ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe is project coordinator and partner in Work Package 9 (Dissemination, Communication and Network of Expertise).

For more detailed information, please contact Isabelle Guelinckx at iguelinckx@ilsieurope.be  or visit the project website here