A new partnership to empower the next generation of food and nutrition scientists

Including Early Career Scientists (ECS) in our initiatives has always been paramount to ILSI Europe's dedication to advancing food and nutrition science. Through opportunities within our Expert Groups and our regular Early Caree Scientists events, we strive to provide a nurturing environment where young researchers can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the field. In 2024, we take a step further and partner with the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP).

Proudly supporting

The European Nutrition Leadership Platform is a growing network of over 800 professionals from various sectors, including academia, government, non-profits, and the private industry. Focusing on honing non-scientific skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, and strategic influence, ENLP equips food and nutrition professionals with the tools necessary to effect meaningful change within their respective domains. By joining this initative, we hope to help build a pool of talented food and nutrition professionals, strenghten links with other organisations and create more knowledge sharing opportunities. Our support to ENLP underscores our commitment to cultivating a network of highly skilled professionals in the field of food and nutrition.

Cultivating collaboration and mentorship in our Expert Groups

This focus on skills development is not new. ILSI Europe's longstanding Early Career Scientists (ECS) programme aims to enrich the research community as a whole. In a bid to foster collaboration and mentorship, we prioritize the inclusion of ECS within our expert groups. This strategic approach not only ensures the infusion of fresh perspectives but also provides ECS with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with seasoned experts and industry professionals. By increasingly appointing post-doctoral researchers as chairs of expert groups, we aim to infuse dynamism into our research activities and empower emerging talents in the field.

ECS events for community and growth

Recognizing the importance of community-building and professional growth, ILSI Europe organizes regular events tailored specifically for Early Career Scientists. These gatherings serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking opportunities. The next edition will focus on food sustainability topics and take place on 27th November 2024 in Lyngby, Denmark, back-to-back with our Annual Symposium. We welcome abstracts from early career researchers for both oral and poster presentations.

Internships to bring theory with practice

A growing number of scientific interns are also reinforcing our team since the begining of 2024. They contribute their skills and enthusiasm to the diverse projects undertaken by ILSI Europe. Thourgh our internship programme, we want to provide valuable opportunities for future scientists and professionals to gain practical experience within our organization.

Group picture of ILSI Europe staff and interns

As we persist in our efforts to support the next generation of food and nutrition scientists, ILSI Europe remains committed to nurturing talent and fostering collaboration. Through our ongoing initiatives and new partnerships, we strive to cultivate a vibrant community of researchers dedicated to advancing food safety, nutrition and sustanability. Together, let's continue to work towards a future where science thrives, and our collective efforts pave the way for positive change.