8th International Symposium on Food Packaging

Dubrovnik, Croatia
01/04/2025 – 04/04/2025

8th International Symposium on Food Packaging

About the event

ILSI Europe International Symposium on Food Packaging is held every four years. It is internationally recognised as a scientific forum to discuss and move forward the science that supports safety and innovation in the field, with minimal environmental impact.

This conference of experts facilitates transfer of knowledge and brings innovative solutions to the most pressing issues in this field.

This four-day conference will be structured around 5 main themes:

  • Advances in analytical techniques
  • Progress in toxicological prediction and assessment
  • Progress in risk assessment
  • Food Contact Materials in circular economy
  • Packaging in space


Early bird registration opens on September 1st 


  • Industry: 1000 €
  • Non-industry: 700 €
  • Students: 400 €

Call for abstracts

Abstracts should be focused on themes mentioned above and should not exceed 400 words.

Deadline for abstract submission for oral presentation is October 31st 2024.

Deadline for abstract submission for poster presentation is December 15th 2024.

When composting your abstract, please keep in mind:

  • Relevance: The abstract should be relevant to the conference theme or topic.
  • Originality: The abstract should present original research or innovative ideas.
  • Clarity: The abstract should be written in clear and concise language, with a well-defined structure and logical flow.
  • Significance: The abstract should demonstrate the significance and potential impact of the research or ideas presented.
  • Methods: The abstract should provide a clear and concise summary of the research methods used, including the study design, data collection, and analysis.
  • Results: The abstract should clearly and accurately describe the research findings and their implications.
  • Conclusion: The abstract should provide a clear and concise conclusion that summarizes the main points of the research or ideas presented.
  • Grammar and References: The abstract should adhere to grammar rules and include appropriate and relevant references, cited correctly.

Sponsorship Opportunities

ILSI Europe now welcomes food and related industry or scientific journals to participate in the 8th edition of the International Symposium on Food Packaging that will be held on 1-4 April 2025 at Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik in Croatia. Sponsorship will allow your organisation to be recognised at the following levels:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 164021

Organising and Scientific Committee

Charlene Lacourt - Danone
Thomas Gude - ETH Zurich
Peter Oldring - Sherwin Williams
Laurence Gijs - Dow Europe

Cristina Nerin - University of Zaragoza
Hugo Costa - ILSI Europe
Konrad Korzeniowski - ILSI Europe

Christian Kirchnawy - Austrian Research Institute
Thomas Simat - Technical University Dresden
Emma Bradley - FERA Science
John Koontz - FDA
Alejandro Ariosti - University of Buenos Aires
Peter Ragaer - University of Gent
Peter Simon - Slovak University of Technology
Frank Welle - Fraunhofer Institute
Selcuk Yildirim - Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Marco Zhong - National Reference Laboratory of Food Contact Material