ILSI Europe Launches New Task Force on Vitamin K2 to Advance Health Understanding and Economic Insights

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - ILSI Europe is proud to announce the establishment of a new Task Force on Vitamin K2. Comprising leading experts from various companies and from academic background, the Task Force aims to explore and advance the scientific understanding of the health benefits of Vitamin K2, providing evidence-based insights to enhance public awareness.

Vitamin K2, a lesser-known but crucial nutrient, plays a vital role in bone and cardiovascular health, among other functions. Despite its significance, awareness and understanding of Vitamin K2 remain relatively low.

The formation of this Task Force represents a significant step towards bridging this gap. Its primary objective is to critically review the scientific evidence supporting the various health benefits attributed to vitamin K2. Additionally, the Task Force aims to identify and evaluate potential biomarkers for monitoring vitamin K2 status, as well as conduct a comprehensive nutrition economic study to determine the potential healthcare cost savings for Europe associated with vitamin K2 supplementation.

The newly established Task Force brings together a distinguished panel of experts from various companies, including Kappa Bioscience (a Balchem company), Gnosis by Lesaffre, Novonesis, and DSM-Firmenich. Commenting on the launch of the Task Force, they expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative. "As representatives of companies proposing Vitamin K in our portfolio, we believe this non-competitive Task Force will provide science-based evidence to increase awareness on the health benefits of Vitamin K2," they stated.

Task Force members pledge to uphold rigorous scientific standards in their research and communication, ensuring that the results are reliable and evidence-based. The outcomes of the Task Force activities are expected to provide updated assessments of the health benefits of different forms of vitamin K2 to the scientific, industrial, and public communities. Furthermore, the estimation of healthcare cost savings resulting from adequate intake of vitamin K2 will offer valuable guidance to clinicians and public health organisations.

ILSI Europe invites stakeholders from across the nutrition and health sectors to join hands in supporting this initiative. Together, we can unlock the potential of Vitamin K2 to improve health outcomes and enhance quality of life for individuals worldwide.

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