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Reasons to join

Access a Multidisciplinary network

of leading scientists from academia, government, risk assessment bodies and industry

Collaborate with international organisations

like WHO, FAO and the European Commission to build the scientific basis for public health

Contribute to scientific discussions and documents

on a pre-competitive basis, that are widely recognised as highly credible, reliable and relevant

Provide collective, cost-effective funding

to build timely science in areas of public health interest

Our members

ILSI Europe’s membership is open to all companies active in the food or food-related sector, as well as companies engaged in the manufacture of medicinal products and products for human consumption and producers of ingredients used in the food supply chain.

ILSI Europe members can join one or more of our Task Forces and Expert Groups. Discover our complete protfolio of activities in our Activity Document 2023.

How to join

To join ILSI Europe, contact our Scientific Programme Director, Isabelle Guelinckx

Scientific portfolio 2023

The ILSI Europe Activity Document 2023 gives an overview of the scientific activities that ILSI Europe will carry out throughout 2023, including Task Forces, Expert Groups, activity proposals, events, and projects we collaborate on. Our ambition is to tackle the most relevant scientific topics for our tripartie ecosystem, and continue working with you!

What is upcoming in 2023?

  • ILSI Europe as training provider: Subscribe to hands-on in person training on non-animal assessment in food safety.
  • ILSI Europe conducting surveys: The Food Authenticity and Probiotics Task Forces propose a new type of activity.
  • ILSI Europe actively supporting a COST Action: Sign up for free and drive working groups related to acrylamide exposure.
  • ILSI Europe contributing to the FENS conference and many more…

Learn about these new and our ongoing activities in our Activity Document 2023.

Your company’s support is what ILSI Europe needs to make this ambitious planning successful and impactful.

Become a Key Partner for Science in Public Health

Our collaborative approach is mutually beneficial to scientists from industry, academic, and public sectors. Both large and small companies benefit from ILSI Europe's network of the world’s leading scientists.

ILSI Europe provides an efficient and cost-effective way of pooling resources in order to identify and address important public health issues in food safety and nutrition from a scientific perspective.

ILSI Europe is funded primarily by its industry members. We also participate in European Commission-funded projects.