Practical Guidance on the Application of Food Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)


Allergen cross-contact and unintended allergen presence (UAP) are a significant challenge for food operators.

The aim of this document is to translate the findings of the Expert Group on ‘Food Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)’ into a Guidance document which provides tools and approaches to help harmonize the data gathering process for food allergen risk assessments and therefore aid with their implementation. This Guidance aims to promote consistency in documentation, decision making and the application of allergen QRA.

The purpose of this Guidance is not to take an allergen labelling or risk management decision for the user, but rather is intended to help them decide when allergen QRA is appropriate or necessary, and how to decide if it can actually be performed and, if it is to be undertaken, what is the most suitable methodology.

The intended audience is mainly industry wishing to understand and conduct food allergen risk assessments, and potentially QRA. However, it should be noted, that this guide could also be useful for others, including official control agencies.

Tools and documents developed for use with the Guidance

  • Cross-contact / Contamination estimate calculator: A practical calculator to estimate the UAP in a product can be found here. This tool was initially developed by the EU project iFAAM and is kindly provided by TNO. It can be used for free after initial registration.
  • QRA calculation worksheet v4.4: download here.
  • Incidents form: For download here. See Chapter 4 of the Guidance for more information.
  • Sampling & Analysis form: download here.

Training videos for this Guidance

  • Watch the webinar of 23 June 2022 here.
  • Management of Operations: to be published soon
  • Incidents: to be published soon

Other resources

  • Download the presentation slides from our training "Demystifying the Risks of Allergy Risk Assessment" held at Food Allergy Forum 2023 here.

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