Survey on Human Tissues


Amidst the global push to reduce reliance on animal testing, a groundbreaking shift towards human cells and tissue-based models is gaining rapid momentum. This transformation is not only ethically significant but also holds immense scientific promise across various research and testing fields.

The Human Tissues Short Survey launched by ILSI Europe is a 6-minute questionnaire designed to gather insights into the myriad applications of human cells and tissue-based models. These models play a pivotal role in toxicological studies, drug development, disease modeling, and numerous related fields.

Your expertise and input are indispensable in shaping a future where scientific research and regulatory testing practices are not only more precise but also aligned with ethical standards. By participating in this survey, you become an integral part of this transformative journey.

Thank you for participating in the short survey!

This activity is supported by the ILSI Europe Alternatives to Animal Testing Task Force