1.25M€ for innovative solutions increasing transparency in food supply chains

TITAN has just launched its Open Call of 1.25M!

Submissions are welcome from 2 October 2023 till 1 December 2023 at 17:00 CET time (Brussels time).

You are now invited to submit your applications

In order to contribute to creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem in the food supply chain domain, TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight of the most innovative and ambitious pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency. For applicants to be selected for funding via the TITAN Open Call, their solutions must be under the domain of activities of one of three TITAN pilot groups:

  • (i)  Food Safety,
  • (ii) Sustainability,
  • (ii) Health.

TITAN Key Areas of Expertise

TITAN is a 4 year Horizon Europe R&I project with the ambition to build transparency in food supply chains via implementation of innovative (mainly digital) technologies to boost the health, sustainability, and safety of products, processes, and diets. In TITAN we have identified 4 different Key Areas of Expertise (KAE) where all activities in the consortium can be categorized:

  1. Enabling consumers to make informed food choices:
  2. Facilitating supply chain sustainability:
  3. Development and implementation of new innovative technologies:
  4. Taking the food system approach:


When applying for the TITAN Open Call, the applicants should consider the following:

  • the applications should be in line with the food system approach (KAE #4),
  • the application involves the development and implementationof a new technology (KAE #3),
  • the application addresses a solution for an issue related to: (i) enabling consumers to make informed food choices (KAE #1) and/or (ii) facilitating supply chain sustainability (KAE #2),
  • the application should preferably lead to an innovation that can bring value via a viable business

For more information: 

Open Call

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