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Konrad Korzeniowski

Scientific Project Manager

Konrad was appointed to the team in April 2022, assuming the role of Scientific Project Manager. Within this capacity, he oversees the management of ILSI Europe's Food Safety Task Forces, including Food Contaminants, Microbiological Food Safety, Packaging Materials, and Food Authenticity.

His educational background includes obtaining a master's degree in Biomedical Science at the Medical University of Silesia in 2016 (Poland). Following this achievement, he embarked on a research stay at Universitat de Valencia (Spain). Subsequently, he pursued a Ph.D. in Science at KU Leuven, which he obtained in 2022 (Belgium). During his doctoral studies, Konrad focused on investigating Eco-evolutionary dynamics of bacterial strains and communities.

Driven by his commitment to advancing human well-being and ensuring the provision of safe food, Konrad maintains a strong passion for promoting the integration of scientific knowledge in these areas.

During his leisure time, Konrad indulges in various activities, including traveling, socializing with friends, cooking, gardening, and engaging in regular exercise.