Dieticians ensuring education, teaching and professional quality – DIETS1

Total Budget: € 599,700
Consortium: 106 partners
Countries: 31 countries
Duration: 1 Oct 2010 – 30 Sept 2013


Dieticians have a fundamental role to play in promoting nutritional health through the life cycle, in sickness or health and increasingly in preventative nutrition. To enhance the impact of the European dietician work, maintain their competence in the rapidly evolving areas of nutritional science, social and demographic change in Europe, dieticians need increasingly to embrace the full power of information communication technology (ICT) and their own lifelong learning (LLL).


DIETS2 is a Thematic Network comprising 101 partners in 31 countries, plus its associated partners internationally. The partnership also includes non-governmental agencies and as such represents a key cohesive resource of dietetics and nutrition in Europe. The DIETS2 Network aims to promote excellence in the education of dieticians across Europe at undergraduate and post qualifying level. The network aspires to make a difference to dietician preparedness to meet challenges of improving nutritional health in Europe through education.

Expected Impact

The DIETS2 Network is working towards a sustainable partnership of higher education, professional dietetic associations and NGOs who will work together to ensure that the dietetic workforce now and into the future is able to provide a healthful nutrition service. LLL, pedagogic tools and a world quality reference approach to practice will improve the effectiveness of European dieticians working cross-border and their capability to practice safely in strategic areas of nutritional health, e.g. clinical/tertiary care, food service and industry, primary care and health promotion.

Role of ILSI Europe

ILSI is a partner for the workpackage “Embedding and driving change” with the task to share the knowledge of exploitation of the outcomes of the EU project EURRECA to inform the DIETS2 exploitation strategy.

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