Take Home Report from the interactive Prebiotics ‘Sandpit’ workshop

A side event to the ILSI Europe annual symposium, the Prebiotics 'Sandpit' workshop of 25 Oct 2023 took an in-depth look at current scientific evidence on prebiotic health benefits, remaining gaps in scientific understanding and next steps for addressing the gaps and building a prebiotic health claims portfolio.

No less than 50 people participated to this one-day interactive workshop. Four parrallel "sandpits" each focussed on one health aspect (Digestive health, Metabolic health, Immune health and Cognitive health), and 15 eminent speakers from both academia and industry shared their insights and animated the discussions (view complete programme and speakers here).

The event highlights are available in the short workshop report.

Proceedings will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication in the coming months.

This workshop was commissionned by the ILSI Europe Prebiotics Task Force. For more information on the Task Force and its activities, visit ilsi.eu/scientific-activities/nutrition/prebiotics.