Microplastics Initiative

Stimulating translational research and improving the understanding of the impact of microplastics on human health


An expert panel works to consolidate the current state of the art in dietary microplastics analysis. It will provide suggestions to further develop the methods towards a harmonised analytical methodology. The aim is to also address relevant health concerns associated with the effects of dietary microplastics on consumer health.
Thus, the panel will:

  • Support the harmonisation of approaches and methods to assess microplastics in food through research and validation recommendations;
  • Review existing data (incl. data transfer and interpretation of other particle research fields) to support the health risk assessment of microplastic particles;
  • Support standardizing organisations in approaches to stimulate comparative research on microplastics.


  • In June 2019, ILSI Europe brought together experts from academia, the public sector and industry to exchange knowledge and to develop a common roadmap. They agreed that the harmonisation of approaches and methods
  • to assess microplastics in food, as well as the
  • hazard, exposure and risk assessment of microplastics need further investigation
  • In November 2020, we organized a closed workshop with key experts in analytics and intake assessment to collect information on the major hurdles and need of the field to advance towards a harmonised analytical methods for microplastics in food.

For more detailed information Adam Coventry at acoventry@ilsieurope.be

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