Initiative stimulating translational research and improving the understanding of the impact of micro-plastics on human health


The knowledge about the origin, distribution and consequences of micro-plastics in the environment and in organisms is still very incomplete. More specifically, there is still no validated methodology to detect micro-plastics in foods or beverages. Latest results support the need to further investigate the impacts of micro-plastics on human health.


An expert panel will consolidate the current state of the art in dietary micro-plastics analysis. It will provide suggestions to further develop the methods towards a harmonised analytical methodology. The aim is to also address relevant health concerns associated with the effects of dietary micro-plastics on consumer health. Thus, the panel will:

  • Support the harmonisation of approaches and methods to assess micro-plastics in food through research and validation recommendations.
  • Review existing data (incl. data transfer and interpretation of other particle research fields) to support the health risk assessment of micro-plastic particles.
  • Support standardizing organisations in approaches to stimulate comparative research on micro-plastics. A stakeholder support group will contribute to this.

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