Towards Harmonisation of Nutrient Recommendations in Europe: From Nutritional Requirements to Policy Applications

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2010;64(Suppl 2)

In this supplement of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, results are presented from the EURRECA (EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned) Network of Excellence funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme, with the alignment of micronutrient reference values across Europe as the main objective.

The supplement discusses the following topics:

  • a general framework developed by EURRECA to serve as basis for a systematic and transparent approach to the development and review of micronutrient requirements in Europe. This framework can also be used for the decision making of scientific advisory bodies, policy makers and stakeholders involved in this process of assessing, developing and translating these recommendations into public health nutrition policy,
  • a consultation process used to identify and prioritize the best practice, ‘tools’ or guidance for EURRECA,
  • a protocol developed by EURRECA used for prioritizing micronutrients for the purpose of reviewing their requirements,
  • consumer and stakeholder involvement from micronutrient recommendations to policy.

This supplement also includes the description of two practical applications developed by the Network, namely Nutri-RecQuest and NutPlan. Nutri-RecQuest is a web-based search engine on current micronutrient recommendations in Europe. NutPlan nutritional planning and dietary assessment software tool, mainly dedicated to Eastern and Central European countries.

The supplement is available online.

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