Prebiotic Effects: Metabolic and Health Benefits

British Journal of Nutrition. 2010;104(Suppl 2):S1-S63

Over the last decade, data has convincingly demonstrated that particular prebiotic food products/ingredients/supplements can, upon oral consumption, selectively modulate the gut microbiota composition and possibly its activities. Some, but not all, studies have also reported a reduction in the concentration of pathogenic bacteria such as clostridia and salmonella. The more data are accumulating, the more it will be recognised that such changes in the composition of the fecal microbiota, especially increase in bifidobacteria can be regarded as a marker of intestinal health. Specific beneficial health effects have been reported on dietary consumption of specific prebiotic food products/ingredients/supplements which are relevant for infants as well as for adults in both healthy and compromised status, respectively.

This supplement commissioned by the ILSI Europe Prebiotics Task Force addresses some of these areas, in particular: immunity, inflammation, mineral absorption, colon cancer and finally energy homeostasis, satiety regulation and body weight gain.

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