Packaging Materials 10: Adhesives for Food Packaging Applications

The ILSI Europe Packaging Materials Task Force has started off in 2000 a series of reports on Packaging Materials. Each report is dedicated to a major type of packaging material and aims at describing all essential aspects of their use to a non-specialised audience.

Adhesives are indispensable in the production of food packaging. More than 80% of food packaging contains adhesives, although often only to a small extent. Depending on the food in question, there are very different requirements on its packaging. To meet all requirements, the adhesives industry offers products based on a varied range of technologies for use in food packaging.

The present report is directed to food packaging suppliers and adhesive users, as well as to other members of the supply chain and related scientific staff. It aims to provide an overview of the variety of adhesives that can be used in food packaging. This report describes the typical ingredients of the various types of adhesives and their different behaviours. In addition, it describes typical applications of the various adhesives, giving the reader assistance in choosing the right adhesive for his or her individual application.

Finally, the report provides an overview of the food contact legislation relevant for food packaging adhesives, together with guidance on the evaluation of adhesives intended for food contact applications. The report informs potential users about the successful use of adhesives in the various fields of food packaging. It provides a basic understanding of different types of adhesives, taking into account the complexity of the wide variety of possible applications.

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