The ILSI Europe Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has appointed four new members. As of early 2020, Prof. Marco Arlorio (University of Piemont), Dr Morten Georg Jensen (Pfizer), Dr Laura Righetti (University of Parma) and Dr Bas Verkuijl (Bunge Loders Crocklaan) will contribute to ILSI Europe’s scientific integrity and excellence.

In ILSI Europe we appreciate and welcome the new SAC members, who on a voluntary basis have committed to support ILSI Europe’s programme by reviewing and endorsing our scientific activities with respect to their validity, feasibility and urgency of the issue.

ILSI Europe’s SAC is now composed of 19 members.

What is the SAC for?
The SAC is composed of a maximum of 20 experts with more than 50% coming from the non-industry sector. Every year, in turn, one third of the members are up for election to create industry and academic vacancies. The SAC members serve in principle a maximum of 6 years.

The SAC is currently chaired by the President of ILSI Europe, Prof. Philip Calder (University of Southampton) and vice-chaired by the Vice-President, Prof. Louise Dye (University of Leeds).

Learn more about our new SAC members:

  • Prof. Marco Arlorio, expert in food chemistry, is currently a Professor of Food Chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Piemont (Italy). His main research interests are focused on food quality and food safety assessment. Another key interest is related to the development and characterization of functional ingredients for food and food supplements.
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  • Dr Morten Georg Jensen
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  • Dr Laura Righetti is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Food and Drug Department of the University of Parma (Italy). Her current main area of research focuses on natural toxins, such as mycotoxins, as a relevant issue in food safety.
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  • Dr Bas Verkuijl is currently the Global Innovation Manager, Dairy & Nutrition at Bunge Loders Crocklaan. Holding a PhD in Chemistry, his main interests are related to the modification and use of plant-based lipids, proteins and fibers for improvement of nutritional and sensory benefits of foods and nutritional products.
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