Food Nutrition Security Cloud

Total Budget: € 10,912,775
Consortium: 35 partners
Countries: 14
Duration: 1 October 2019 – 31 October 2023
Website: under development


Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) aims to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient, sustainable, affordable, safe, and nutritious food. A sustainable food system (SFS) is one that delivers FNS in such a way that economic, social, and environmental resources are not compromised.
In the European Union, there are several sectors associated with FNS, in which vast amounts of FNS data are collected. Consequently, existing FNS resources (data, knowledge, tools and services) for health and agri-food sciences are fragmented, lack critical mass, and accessed by user communities is ‘unevenly’ distributed.
Sharing and re-use of open FNS data would contribute to development of different FNS scientific areas, such as Agri-food sciences and engineering, nutrition sciences, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, ICT data science, social sciences, and environmental sciences, growth of the European economy, and overcoming food sustainability and social challenges.


The long-term goal of FNS-Cloud is overcoming European research infrastructure fragmentation by federating Food Nutrition Security (FNS) data essential for addressing diet, health, and consumer behaviour as well as sustainable agriculture and the bio-economy. Food Nutrition Security (FNS) Cloud will focus on innovative, state-of-the-art technology-enabled approaches to support interconnection of existing FNS data in order to facilitate access and subsequent re-use. Four scientific and technical objectives have been identified:

1. Develop, integrate and test innovative cloud services;
2. Implement and test ‘cloud platform’, use cases and demonstrators;
3. Integrate different existing and emerging data, sources and formats;
4. Develop a governance model and busines s operations.

Long-term sustainability of the FNS-Cloud will be achieved through valued added services linking research infrastructure data. FNS-Cloud data will be open access and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re – useable) and will be interoperable with the proposed Food, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure (FNHRI).

Expected Impact

The implemented cloud solution will increase the exploitation of FNS knowledge and will contribute to reducing knowledge gaps that inhibit public health and agricultural policy. Furthermore, the cloud solution will support the food industry in reducing development and production costs and increase sustainable production. It will facilitate informed consumer choice resulting in healthier European citizens.

Role of ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe will be involved in work-package 6 ‘Dissemination, Communication and Community Engagement’ which will deliver a dissemination and engagement programme for FNS-Cloud. Furthermore, ILSI Europe will be involved in work-package 7 ‘Education, training & support’ which will develop and increase user confidence in exploiting FNS data effectively.

ILSI Europe will also take on a supportive role in:

  • Work Package 2, ‘Mapping of Trends in Food Systems and Related R&I Policy Frameworks’;
  • Work Package 8, ‘Learning for Transformation’;
  • Work Package 9, ‘Project Management and Coordination’.

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