Sustainable Food Summitt 2024

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
04/07/2024 – 05/07/2024


About the event

Since 2009, the Sustainable Foods Summit has been covering major sustainability developments in the food industry. How are sustainability schemes and eco-labels evolving in the food industry? With growing proliferation in labels, what are the prospects for a single sustainability standard for food products? What is the future outlook for plant-based foods? What developments are occurring in sustainable ingredients? How can food & beverage firms move  towards circularity? How can operators close their material loops? Such questions are regularly addressed at this international series of summits.

The 15th European edition will take place in Amsterdam on 4-5th July 2024. Other editions in this international series will be hosted in North America (24-25 Jan), the Asia-Pacific (4-5 Sep), and Latin America (27-28 Nov). The summits regularly bring together some of the leading organisations involved in sustainability and eco-labels in the food industry. Please contact us for more details.

The summit is organised by Ecovia Intelligence, a London-based specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries. We organise workshops, seminars and sustainability summits at international locations throughout the year. We have been encouraging sustainable development in our specialist industries for over 20 years. More details

The Sustainable Foods Summit is a climate-neutral event. The carbon footprint of each edition is determined by calculating the carbon and greenhouses gases. These emissions are offset by investing in soil composting and / or related projects.

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