IAFP’s European Symposium on Food Safety

Geneva, Switzerland
30/04/2024 – 02/05/2024


About the event

We are honoured to be part of the 2024 IAFP European Symposium organising committee!

Since 2005, IAFP's European Symposium has been shaping the future of food safety by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas with colleagues from across Europe working in industry, government, and academia. The Symposium is an excellent forum to gain knowledge about the latest developments and techniques in food science and safety. The symposium will be held 30 April - 2 May in Geneva, Switzerland.

Catalyse EU Project World Café

Research and innovation for food safety must be developed to further explore and manage (new) risks. In a World Café set up , we will explore needs and priorities within the 6 critical Food Safety areas identified by Flanders' Food:

  • Understanding - Create understanding and appreciation of food safety
  • Trendrisk - Create support for demand-driven food safety problems
  • Tech-enabled - Incorporate technology into a food-safe work environment
  • Farm-to-Fork risks - Make food safety more sustainable and connected
  • Pathogen control - Monitor the presence and growth of pathogenic microorganisms
  • Clean production - Monitor hygiene to control food safety

Your participation in the focus group will not only benefit your professional development, but will also contribute to the collective effort to improve food safety across Europe.

Limited seats! To participate, register here.