7th International Symposium on Food Packaging – Scientific Developments Supporting Safety and Innovation

Digital, Online
03/05/2022 – 06/05/2022

The 7th International Symposium on Food Packaging – Scientific Developments Supporting Safety and Innovation will now be a digital-only event and will take place from 3rd-6th May, 2022. This event is supported by the Packaging Materials Task Force.

Registration and Payment
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Registration fees amount to the below figures for this 4-day symposium.

Background & Objectives
The ILSI Europe International Symposia on Food Packaging are held every four years and are internationally recognised as a scientific forum to discuss the science that ensures the safety and quality of food packaging.

Main topics for this 7th edition are:

1. Advances in analytical techniques

  • Migrants from FCMs
  • Micromaterials/nanomaterials
  • NIAS

2. Progress in toxicological prediction and assessment

  • In silico tools and modelling
  • Bioassays
  • Models for mixtures toxicity

3. Progress in risk assessment

  • Role of TTC
  • Food consumption data
  • Micromaterials/nanomaterials
  • NIAS

4. Food Contact Materials in circular economy

  • Sustainability-by-design
  • Recycling
  • Innovative packaging
  • Packaging needs of new food

The participants will review and debate recent advances in the science which supports the demonstration of the safety, quality and innovation of food packaging. In addition, dissemination of results of on-going research will be combined with examining the implications for the future of controlling packaging for foodstuffs.

This multi-disciplinary meeting will be of interest to those active in issues associated with the safety and quality of food packaging, particularly food scientists, chemists, mathematicians, physicists, packaging specialists, control authorities, regulators and risk assessors. It will bring together those involved in basic studies, those responsible for bringing innovations to the market place, and those charged with ensuring the safety and quality of food contact materials.

Abstracts Submission

The Abstracts Submission is now open here.
Oral presentations submission: Deadline 15th November 2021
Posters submission: Deadline 31st January 2022

Organising Committee

Scientific Committee

To be announced soon.

Important Dates
May 2021: Launch call for abstracts
15th November 2021: Deadline oral abstracts submission
15th November 2021: Launch early-bird registration
January 2022: Deadline abstract for posters
February 2022: Launch full registration
May 2022: Symposium

For further information:
Dr Siméon Bourdoux – Scientific Project Manager