Poster at the 7th International Vitamin Conference

7th International Vitamin Conference
Copenhagen, Sweeden
20/09/2023 – 22/09/2023


Poster presentation at the 7th International Vitamin Conference

The 7th International Vitamin Conference will be held in Copenhagen from the 20-22 September 2023. The program will include 6 sessions all of which provide new knowledge on vitamins. The Scientific Programme includes invited lectures as well as oral and poster presentations from submitted abstract. The conference will be a hybrid conference.

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Delphine Saulnier (Novozymes, OneHealth) will present the poster:

"Critical assessment of emerging health benefits of vitamin K, and determination of potential healthcare cost savings for Europe. A new activity from the International Life Science Institute (ILSI) Europe."


In 2013, ILSI Europe reviewed the health benefits of vitamin K2 (Beulens et al, 2013, British Journal of Nutrition). Since that time, lots of new science has emerged: New health benefits studied extend beyond bone health to cardiovascular, immune, or nerve health, to name a few.

This new activity will be conducted by an ILSI Europe expert group comprising at least 50% scientists from academia and the public sector, and up to 50% industry scientists. Scientists will critically review the substantiation of the different health benefits of vitamin K, taking into account both vitamin K1 and K2 (MK-4, MK-7). They will also discuss the optimal markers to be used to monitor vitamin K status. Finally, they will perform a nutrition economic study. The expert group will participate in meetings in Brussels, monthly conference calls, and write a scientific paper, to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

This activity should result in 1/ an updated critical review paper of the health benefits associated with vitamin K, 2/ a consensus on the vitamin K status markers to be used, 3/a determination of healthcare cost savings in Europe due to vitamin K supplementation. The expected outcome of this activity is an updated assessment of the health benefits of different forms of vitamin K to the scientific and industrial community, and public at large. The estimation of healthcare cost savings with adequate intake of the different forms of vitamin K will be helpful to guide clinicians and public health organizations.