Risk Characterisation of Chemicals in Food and Diet – Final Part of Food Safety in Europe (FOSIE): Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food and Diet

Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2003;41(9):1205-1271

The ILSI Europe Task Force on Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food coordinated the EC Concerted Action on FOSIE: Risk Assessment of Chemicals in Food and Diet (2000- 2002). A collaborative, multidisciplinary network has been established to critically assess the current knowledge in risk assessment and to examine the science base for new qualitative and quantitative methodologies for risk assessment with respect to the various food chemical categories. The first results in the field of hazard identification, hazard characterisation and exposure assessment were published in 2002 in Food and Chemical Toxicology (2002;40:137-427).

The final paper on the characterization and quantification of risk in the food area, integrating the outcome of the previous papers, has been published in Food and Chemical Toxicology. The paper provides the reader with risk characterization schemes for the following different classes of food chemicals: chemicals of low molecular weight, micronutrients and nutritional supplements, macronutrients and whole foods.

The paper concludes that risk characterisation is an iterative process of which the outcome depends on the question to be addressed, the nature of the substance, the available data and the nature of the hazard.

In addition to the paper, the final project results have been published separately in a triptych newsflash.

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