Updated concise monograph – Dietary Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota in Human Health

A Prebiotics and Probiotics Task Forces' collaboration

Background & Objectives
In 2013 ILSI Europe published a Concise Monograph explaining the basics of probiotics, prebiotics and the gut microbiota, and answering various questions on these topics. However, the scientific understanding of prebiotic and probiotic mechanisms has grown substantially in recent years and the ILSI Task Forces on Prebiotics and Probiotics recognized the need for an update.
The monograph aims at informing a wide audience about the intestinal microbiota and the prebiotic and probiotic nutritional concepts.

The objective is to provide an easily accessible introduction to the abundant scientific knowledge on prebiotics, probiotics and the intestinal microbiota and how they impact the human host.
The monograph will be translated to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Slovak.