Empowering consumers to make healthy & sustainable food choices via science-based strategies


One of the goals of the Farm to Fork strategies aims at empowering individual to adapt their diet for better health and sustainability. To allow individuals to make informed, health- and sustainability-conscious choices, a new generation of tools and labelling with health, nutrition and sustainability claims will be needed. Moreover, as we know from the past, to reach an effective behaviour change multicomponent and multistakeholder strategies are needed.


The new ConSumEr SustainablE FooD ChoiceS (SEEDS) Task Force aims to propose science-based strategies and tools to create a consumer environment promoting healthy and sustainable food choice.

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Expected results

With the numerous deliverables of these activities (eg. Peer reviewed papers, workshop, networking opportunities), we wish to build a science based framework bringing information combining diet quality & sustainability.  Specifically, this will e.g. provide concrete pathways in food industry to cater for sustainable healthy choices, and inspire consumer awareness campaign.


Starting early 2021, four work packages will be launched with the following objectives:

  1. To reach a consensus on which science-based, reliable method and criteria to use for the health & sustainability front of pack label
  2. To develop via a design thinking approach a prototype(s) of health & sustainability front of pack label. In this work pack citizens’ understanding of sustainable food products will be surveyed
  3. To reflect and select, based on best practices of the past, strategies additional to front of pack labelling to create an environment favouring sustainable & healthy food choices
  4. To align and collaborate with other initiatives in the food sustainability space in order to increase the adoption rate of the proposed prototype(s) of health & sustainability front of pack label

"Sustainability is central to the sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations. The activities developed by ILSI Europe and supported by stakeholders from industry, academia, and public sector, will make it easier for consumers to make sustainable and healthy food choices

Dr Bryan Hanley
Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) (UK) 
Member of the ILSI Europe Scientific Advisory Committee 

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