Understanding how to measure dietary sweetness and apprehend consumer perception

Strategic vision

The new Sweetness Perception (SP) Task Force aims to bring consensus on the scientific understanding of sweetness perception and methodologies used to assess it.


Given that sweet taste has a powerful hedonic appeal, reducing preferences for sweet foods and beverages might be an additional contributor in obesity prevention. Estimating the effects of sweetness exposure needs a standardised methodology to measure sweetness, but the currently used techniques to measure the sweetness content and/or intensity of food or beverages, are not harmonised.


This task force will:

    1. Identify scientific gaps in sweetness measure and perception;
    2. Deliver a science-based consensus on which method is the reference to measure sweetness of food & beverages.

To compliment this, the Task Force aims at providing recommendation on how to communicate sweetness modification to consumers without jeopardizing consumer retention.

Scientific Impact

The recommendations on harmonised tools and methods will allow tracking over time, help reformulation of products and allow benchmarking across the food and drink sector.

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Task Force Members

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