Sustainability – NEW

Introduction to the new Sustainability Pillar

In April 2020, ILSI Europe launched a new Sustainability Pillar with a roadmap of activities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, and the European Union (EU) goal to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. To achieve this ambitious goal, the EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy were announced. ILSI Europe’s sustainability activities aim to contribute to this EU strategy.

Given that ILSI Europe tackles research topics of common interest to multiple stakeholders, the activity roadmap of this pillar was co-developed with the Scientific Advisory Board. The activity roadmap was then further refined and prioritized during a successful workshop on July 9th 2020 attended by academic experts, industry experts and experts from DG Research & Innovation.

In order of priority, this roadmap will, among other topics, look into:

  1. Bridge the information gap between producers and consumers in order to drive citizens’ choices toward sustainable and healthy foods.
  2. Map methodologies to measure the environmental impact of food products. There is a need for harmonisation.
  3. Evaluate the health, environmental and economic impacts of these diets
  4. Identify what are the best ‘low environmental impact’ diets.

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Dr Isabelle Guelinckx ,Scientific Programme Director -

Dr Matthieu Flourakis, Scientific Unit Coordinator -