Establishing the first all-inclusive solution kit to ensure food authenticity


The ability to deliver safe, nutritious and authentic food to the world’s growing population is one of the most challenging goals for producers due to the increasingly complicated supply chain and growing number of players involved. Many initiatives to address these challenges have started at global, national and regional levels. However, it is difficult to maintain an overview of useful activities and tools to fit the need of the different companies and organisations.


The Task Force aims at assessing existing solutions to develop a guidance document for an integrated and holistic approach. This guide will help increase the effectiveness of food fraud detection, and prevent and minimise health hazards.


The Task Force collaborates with organisations leading the global efforts in ensuring food authenticity both in Europe and North America.

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Guidance Document Towards Food Authenticity

Background & Objectives

This Expert Groups is addressing the current lack of an integrated approach by endorsing analytical, regulatory, traceability, risk assessment and management, and defence aspects of food protection.

The objective is also to minimise the risk of food fraud by establishing appropriate tools:

  • vulnerability assessment
  • available intelligence
  • analytical methods and devices


A peer-reviewed publication will summarise the findings, giving an overview of the existing approaches to ensure consumer safety and product authenticity.
It is expected that the publication will be accompanied by a guidance document useful for all stakeholders.

Expert Group Members

Guidance Document Towards Food Authenticity