Review of the planetary health diet and its impact on brain health throughout life

Background and Objectives
Recently a Commission for the medical journal Lancet published recommendations for a diet sustaining health and protecting the planet (Willett W. et al 2019). The aim of this diet is to be able to feed the estimated 10 billion people in 2050 with minimal environmental impact. However, little is known about the effects of such a diet on brain functions, especially on the brain development at early stages of life and in the context of the still increasing rate of cognitive decline in the ageing population (i.e. vulnerable populations). The objectives of this activity are to: Evaluate the planetary health diet’s impact on brain health and functions throughout life, specifically among more vulnerable populations ; Highlight the implications of the planetary health diet for proper lifelong brain health.


This activity will deliver a perspective paper based on scientific evidence showing the effects of sustainable diets components (taking the EAT-Lancet planetary health diet elements as basis) on brain development and health throughout life.