Using Microbiological Risk Assessment (MRA) in Food Safety Management

ILSI Europe Report Series.

Guidelines and principles for microbiological risk assessment (MRA) have been elaborated through the role of the Codex Alimentarius Commission as the recognised standard-setting body for safe foods in international trade. The focus of the workshop reported on here was to build up a good understanding (i) of the variety of microbiological risk assessment (MRA) approaches developed by different risk assessors since this methodology began to evolve (mid-1990s) and (ii) of the purpose and context of individual MRAs. Based on that understanding, the workshop intended to discuss two aspects that are important for an MRA to be useful: utility (related to the usefulness regarding the purpose an MRA has been developed for) and validity (the trueness or correctness of an MRA).

The workshop was held using a format of presentations in plenary sessions, providing case examples of different approaches to MRAs and different contexts/purposes for the development of MRAs, and breakout group discussions on specific aspects of utility and validity.

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