Type 2 Diabetes – Prevention and Management

ILSI Europe Concise Monograph

There is a global concern about non-communicable diseases and the increasing burden these are expected to constitute for future generations. In the context of this concern, ILSI Europe has set up its Type 2 Diabetes Task Force. The concise monograph in front of you, commissioned by this task force, outlines basic recommendations for the general population aiming to reduce the risk of a growing epidemic. It addresses the incidence and prevalence of pre-diabetic conditions, diabetes itself and its complications, pathogenesis, related acute and chronic complications, metabolic syndrome, risk factors, prevention and management.

With the publication of alarming numbers, WHO is not only pointing at the clinical problems of diabetes type 2 patients and at their suffering but is also warning that a pandemic of diabetes type 2 would in the course of a few years, if the growth rate is maintained at today’s level, drive health insurance programmes to bankruptcy. In order to effectively address this issue, it is of extreme importance to understand what the preventive means at our disposal are. A sound and accessible communication is crucial to put such means into practice. It is in this context that the monograph in front of you is expected to contribute.”

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