Scientific Concepts of Functional Foods in Europe – Consensus Document

British Journal of Nutrition. 1999;81(1):1-27

The European Commission Concerted Action on Functional Food Science in Europe (FUFOSE), which is co-ordinated by The International Life Sciences Institute – ILSI Europe, aims to establish a science-based approach for concepts in functional food science. The goal of this Concerted Action has been to set up a multidisciplinary European network: 1. to assess critically the science base required to provide evidence that specific nutrients and food components positively affect target functions in the body; 2. to examine the available science from a function-driven perspective rather than a product-driven one; and 3. to reach consensus on targeted modifications of food and food constituents, and options for their application. This approach led to identifying key partners from Europe’s food and agricultural industry, governmental and intergovernmental bodies and the scientific community. This project provided them with an opportunity to exchange ideas and to interact on a neutral platform.

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