Reducing Postprandial Glucose in Dietary Intervention Studies and the Magnitude of the Effect on Diabetes‑Related Risk Factors: a Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis

Reducing postprandial hyperglycemia has beneficial effects on diabetes-related risk factors, but the magnitude of the reduction needed to achieve such an effect is unknown. The purpose of the study was to quantify the relationship of acute glucose and insulin postprandial responses with longer-term effects on diabetes-related risk factors by performing a systematic review and meta-analysis of dietary intervention studies.
We identified only a limited number of postprandial glucose-lowering dietary intervention studies measuring acute postprandial exposures to PPG/PPI during the interventions. In this small heterogeneous set of studies, an association was found between the magnitude of the acute postprandial responses and the change in fasting glucose, but no other outcomes. More studies are needed to quantify the relationship between acute postprandial changes and long-term effects on risk factors.

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