Packaging Materials 6: Paper and Board for Food Packaging Applications

ILSI Europe Report Series

The ILSI Europe Packaging Materials Task Force has published another report on Paper and Board for Food Packaging Applications. This report is the sixth in the series on packaging materials (following the ones on PET, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC). Paper and board is a very versatile material. It is produced from cellulosic, naturally renewable fibres. It is therefore considered as an environmentally friendly material, being easily recycled, composted or incinerated after use. It may be used in food packaging applications within a wide range of grammages, being designed as wrapping paper, folding box board or corrugated board, for direct or indirect contact, i.e. as primary, secondary or tertiary packaging. Other paper grades, such as tissue paper, may be used in occasional contact with foodstuffs. When paper and board is intended, or likely, to come into contact with food, manufacturers follow relevant and acknowledged regulations and guidelines to design manufacturing processes and recipes, and ensure consumer safety. The basic chemistry, safety considerations, and applications of paper and board are reviewed in this report with respect to current regulations on food contact packaging. It is expected that this report will improve understanding of, and will serve as a useful source of information on paper and board packaging materials.

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