‘Omics’ Technologies in Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment

Trends in Food Science & Technology. 2012; 27(1):12-24

The application of omics technologies is expected to play an increasingly important role in understanding how pathogens can survive unfavourable conditions and interact with potential hosts. One of the key challenges will be to utilize the data generated by these new techniques in the process of decision making as part of the food safety management framework. In May 2011 the ILSI Europe Risk Analysis in Food Microbiology task force organised a workshop on “MRA -Application of omics Technology” with the aim of broadening the knowledge of both basic aspects and applications of genomics tools within the food microbiology community at large. A review article was the outcome of this workshop published in Trends in Food Science and Technology journal. The article outlines a brief introduction to the data types being generated by omics technologies, the framework of MRA and highlights the challenges of applying omics data in MRA.

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