How to Assess Long-Term Effects of Nutrition on Brain Function?

Nutrition Reviews. 2010;68(Suppl 1):S1-S58

This supplement has been commissioned by the ILSI Europe Nutrition and Mental Performance Task Force. It provides a comprehensive overview of the topics and discussions from a workshop entitled “Methodologies to assess long-term effects of nutrition and brain function” that was organised on 12-13 November 2009, in Brussels, Belgium.

Table of Contents

Nutrition and cognition: meeting the challenge to obtain credible and evidence-based facts
Jeroen AJ Schmitt

Neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration: are there critical stages for nutritional intervention?
David Benton

Challenges of long-term nutrition intervention studies on cognition: discordance between observational and intervention studies of vitamin B12 and cognition
Cherie McCracken

Design considerations in long-term intervention studies for the prevention of cognitive decline or dementia
Alan D Dangour, Elizabeth Allen, Marcus Richards, Peter Whitehouse and Ricardo Uauy

Evaluation of techniques to identify beneficial effects of nutrition and natural products on cognitive function
Keith A Wesnes

A primer for brain imaging: a tool for evidence-based studies of nutrition?
Tomáš Paus

Nutrigenomics: where are we with genetic and epigenetic markers for disposition and susceptibility?
Martin Kussmann, Lutz Krause, and Winfried Siffert

Case study on iron in mental development – in memory of John Beard (1947-2009)
Saskia JM Osendarp, Laura E Murray-Kolb and Maureen M Black

Summary and discussion: Methodologies to assess long-term effects of nutrition on brain function
Celeste A De Jager and Assia Kovatcheva

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