Functional Foods – Scientific and Global Perspectives

British Journal of Nutrition. 2002;88(2 Suppl S2):123-235

On 17-19 October 2001, ILSI Europe organised an International Symposium on Functional Foods: Scientific and Global Perspectives in collaboration with the ILSI Human Nutrition Institute, ILSI Focal Point in China, ILSI Japan, ILSI North America, ILSI Southeast Asia, and the European Commission (DG Research, Thematic Programme 1 – Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources, Key Action 1 – Food, Nutrition and Health). The proceedings of this symposium have been published in the British Journal of Nutrition and include a summary report and conclusions of the discussions at the symposium. The objective of this meeting was to follow up on the first international symposium on functional foods, East-West Perspectives on Functional Foods, organised by ILSI in 1995 in Singapore. The 2001 symposium, held in Paris, focussed on the current global status of functional foods and the scientific basis for biomarkers related to the enhancement of function.

The conference provided an outlook on new trends in functional food science. Areas of agreement and disagreement were highlighted, several important underlying concepts were addressed, and significant communication issues were evoked.

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