3-MCPD Esters in Food Products Summary Report

The assessment of the health significance of dietary exposure to MCPD esters is complex and will require in-depth scientific investigations which need to be defined.  In order to ensure both the application of the best science and the optimisation of resources, it is essential to facilitate a thorough review of the situation.

Therefore, two the ILSI Europe Task Force on Risk Assessment and Chemicals in Food and the Task Force on Process-Related Compounds and Natural Toxins organised a workshop in February 2009 in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority.

This preliminary report provides a summary of the workshop and its objectives to:

  • Review available data required for risk assessment
  • Identify key data gaps for risk assessment
  • Define experimental research strategies to fill data gaps
  • Propose an action plan

To download the report, please click here.