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ILSI Europe Activity Document 2023 (October 2022)
ILSI Europe Annual Report 2021 (March 2022)
ILSI Europe Activity Document 2022 (September 2021)
ILSI Europe Annual Report 2020 (March 2021)
ILSI Europe Annual Report 2019 (March 2020)
ILSI Europe Activity Document 2021 (September 2020)
Mapping Scientific activities 2021 (September 2020)
Mapping of Scientific Activities (April 2019)

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Policy Documents

ILSI Europe Privacy Policy (March 2021)
ILSI Europe Standing Orders (March 2017)
ILSI Europe Charter of Incorporation (March 2017)
ILSI Code of Ethics and Organisational Standards of Conduct (June 2022)
Gender Equality Policy (June 2022)

Podcasts and Webinars

Webinar on 'Microplastics: A Discussion on the Latest Findings from the WHO' (12 January 2023)
Webinar on 'ILSI Europe emerging research proposal: Call for interest' (29 November 2022)
Webinar on 'Toolsets for Mining the gut Microbiome to Enable Precision Nutrition' (18 October 2022)
Webinar on 'Diet-genome Interactions: Bringing us a Step Closer Towards Personalised Nutrition' (17 October 2022)
Webinar on 'Reducing acrylamide exposure of consumers by a cereals supply-chain approach targeting asparagine' (15 September 2022)
Webinar on 'Cronobacter in the Spotlight: New Insights Into a Known Organism' (13 July 2022)
Webinar on 'Practical Guidance on the Application of Food Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) (23 June 2022)
Webinar on 'Nutritional Strategies to Support Healthy Aging' (10 May 2022)
Webinar on 'Processing Environment Monitoring in Low Moisture Foods Production: Setting Up a Meaningful Program' (21 April 2022)
Roundtable 'Impact of the Ukraine – Russia conflict on our food supply chains: what should we be doing?' (21 April 2022)
Webinar on 'Practical guidance for validation studies: from start to finish' (26 January 2022)
Workshop on ‘Health Relevance of Lowering Postprandial Glycaemia in Children and Adolescents through Diet’ (30 June-1st July 2021)
Webinar on ‘Glycaemic control, Metabolic and Mental Health’ (12 April 2021)
Webinar on 'Understanding Prebiotic and Probiotic Mechanisms that Drive Health Benefits' (17 September 2020)
Webinar on 'Dietary Glycemic Exposures for Dietary Interventions in Populations without Diabetes’ (9 September 2020)
Webinar on 'Introduction to the New ILSI Europe Activity on Food Allergen Quantitative Risk Assessment' (29 June 2020)
Webinar on 'Foodborne Viruses: Detection Risk-assessment and Control Options in Food Processing' (12 November 2019)
Webinar on ‘The Integration of Omics in Microbiological Risk Assessment’ (27 March 2019)
Webinar on 'Microbial Metabolism Associated with Health' (12 April 2018)
Webinar on 'Assessment of Microbial Risk on Fresh Produce' (17 October 2017)
Webinar on 'Relevance of Microbial End-Product Testing in Food Safety Management' (25 November 2015)
Webinar on 'Allergen Risk Assessment and Reference Doses' (16 April 2015)

Podcast Dr Peter Oldring on 'NIAS' (September 2016)
Podcast Prof. Cristina Nerín on 'Emerging Technologies in Food Packaging' (September 2016)
Podcast Prof. Philip Calder on 'Low-grade Inflammation' (07 August 2015)
Podcast Ms Sue O'Hagan on 'Criteria to Determine Effectiveness of Dietary Exposure Mitigation' (16 March 2015)

Latest Press Releases

ILSI Europe releases new guidance on approaches for analysing Non-Intentionally Added Substances from Food Contact Materials  (April 2023)
ILSI Europe releases freely available, updated Concise Monograph on Dietary Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota in Human Health in seven languages (January 2023)
ILSI Europe Confirms EU Transparency Status for 2020
Strengthening Food and Nutrition in the EU and Improve the Health of the EU Consumers (1 March 2019)
SWEET: a New European Project to Identify and Address Barriers to Sweetener Use (22 January 2019)

Thematic Posters

Nutrition, Development & Healthy Ageing (March 2019)
Biomarkers & Functional Effect Measurements (March 2019)
Exposure and Intake Assessment (March 2019)
Gut Microbiota & Health and Nutrition Security & Societal Aspects (March 2019)
Food Safety (March 2018)

Task Force One-Pagers (December 2022)


Dietary Carbohydrates
Early Nutrition and Long-Term Health (Formerly Metabolic Imprinting)
Health Benefits Assessment of Foods (Formerly Functional Foods)
Nutrition and Brain Health (Formerly Nutrition and Mental Performance)
Sweetness Perception

Food Safety

Alternatives to Animal Testing in Food Safety, Nutrition and Efficacy Studies
Authenticity of Food
Food Allergy
Food Contaminants (Formerly Process-related Compounds and Natural Toxins)
Microbiological Food Safety
Microplastics Initiative – New
Packaging Materials
Threshold of Toxicological Concern