2020 Annual Report cover

Annual Report 2020

The past 2020 has been a challenging time for all of us. However, we will always keep in our memories the efforts made to become fully digital and to show strong resilience. The 2020 Annual Report is the best summary of these efforts.  

Micro- and nanoplastics: where are we in Europe?

On May 6 and 7, researchers from academia and industry, and regulators gathered to establish a coordinated approach to assess the human health risks of micro- and nanoplastics in food during EFSA 25th Scientific Colloquium.

HERE are the highlights of the discussions.

Authors: Siméon Bourdoux and Nevena Hristozova, ILSI Europe Scientific Project Managers, for the European Consortia FoodSafety4EU.

Learn more on the ILSI Europe Microplastics Initiative.

ILSI Europe’s new sustainability pillar shapes a new roadmap of activities

ILSI Europe launched a new Sustainability Pillar with a roadmap of activities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, and the European Union (EU) goal to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.

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The Board of Directors reinforces its commitment with ILSI Europe’s new phase

The new composition of the BoD welcomes the contributions from: Prof. Bryan Hanley (ACTA, NL), Prof. Jiri Ruprich (National Institute of Public Health, CZ), Prof. Wim Saris, Dr Mariusz Michalik (PepsiCo International, PL), Dr  Peter Van Dael (DSM, CH), Dr Suzanne Kettler, (Mondelez, US)​ and Dr Morten Georg Jensen, (GSK, DK). The experts will lead the strategic decisions of the organisation for a 3-years mandate

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ILSI Europe increases diversity and expertise in the Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SACwelcomes 4 new members: Mr. Luca Bellomo (Herbalife, IT),
Ms Susanne Braun (University of Hohenheim, DE), Dr Gloria Pellegrino (Lavazza, IT) ​and Dr Ricardo Rueda (Abbott, ES) will serve for a 3-years mandate. Additionally, Dr Louise Dye rotated into the ILSI Europe Chair, and Prof. Philip Calder, who ended his mandate as Chair in March 2021, into SAC member

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More than 5000 people visited Food4Future to learn about the latest in food technology

ILSI Europe was a strategic partner of this international event, which has sought answers to the major challenges facing the sector: how to optimise processes through technology, how to develop more sustainable and efficient business models, and what are the trends in the production of new foods and ingredients

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