Activity Document 2022

The Activity Document gives an overview of all activities we carry out. It includes a presentation of our yearly portfolio of new and current activities, including Task Forces, Expert Groups and online seminars. This document consists also of an overview of other projects we partner with, such as EU-funded  and other collaborative ones with other ILSI Entities and/or organisations.

Nearly to 300 people registered to the 1-day digital symposium that took place on October the 5th. More than 40 experts and food professionals from all around the world nurtured the programme:

  • Keynote on 'Nutritional Psychiatry: diet and mental health across the life course'* by Prof. Felice Jacka (Food & Mood Centre, Deakin University, AU) - Presentation available HERE
  • Food Systems transformation: practical implementations*
  • Next generation of risk assessment of chemicals*
  • Consumers and informed choices in the digital age*
  • Onward and upward as an early career scientist*
  • Personalised Nutrition: from data collection to implementation*
  • Nutrition for optimal sports performance – are there lessons for healthy ageing?*
  • Keynote 'The psychology of food risks'* by Prof. William Hallman (Rutgers University, US) - Presentation available HERE

*Recordings are available to registrants only, and to members and academic experts working with us upon demand. Please, contact

The 2021 digital Symposium was born in an exciting period of research and scientific breakthroughs. We also celebrated the 35th anniversary and on its occasion, participants played the anniversary game.

Take a look to the opening and closing speeches from:

You can see what the full program consisted of here.

ILSI Europe’s new sustainability pillar shapes a new roadmap of activities

ILSI Europe launched a new Sustainability Pillar with a roadmap of activities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, and the European Union (EU) goal to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.

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Micro- and nanoplastics: where are we in Europe?

On May 6-7, researchers from academia and industry, and regulators gathered to establish a coordinated approach to assess the human health risks of micro- and nanoplastics in food during EFSA 25th Scientific Colloquium.
Authors: Siméon Bourdoux and Nevena Hristozova, ILSI Europe Scientific Project Managers for the European Consortia FoodSafety4EU.

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Empowering consumers to make evidence-based nutritional decisions - Can we deliver?

ILSI Europe contributed to the Food4Health Conference, co-organised by EIT Food and EIT Health, by addressing the importance of continuous engagement with consumers and patients . The multistakeholder approach was put forward as a model with proven success in reaching wider audiences.

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More than 5000 people visited Food4Future to learn about the latest in food technology

ILSI Europe was a strategic partner of this international event, which has sought answers to the major challenges facing the sector: how to optimise processes through technology, how to develop more sustainable and efficient business models, and what are the trends in the production of new foods and ingredients

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