2020 Annual Report cover

Annual Report 2020

The past 2020 has been a challenging time for all of us. However, we will always keep in our memories the efforts made to become fully digital and to show strong resilience. The 2020 Annual Report is the best summary of these efforts.  

Food Systems Tranformation and multi-stakeholder debates, some of the highlights of the ILSI Europe fully digital 2020 Annual Symposium

The ILSI Europe Annual Symposium 2020 took place on 6th October. For the first time, ILSI Europe brought together over 350 scientist and multi-sector professionals from around the world in a fully digital, interactive one-day event. Under the heading of ‘Opening the Science of food’, the symposium brought together some of the best experts on nutrition, food safety and sustainability in Europe to shed light on the most topical scientific issues in these areas.

After a deep organisational transformation, the new ILSI Europe introduces a new approach to its Symposium, incorporating innovative dynamics that lead to a new vision. This vision incorporates sustainability into its traditional priorities of nutrition and food security, and develops an innovative Early Career Program.

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Session's handouts

Key Note speech & Session 1- protein's role in a healthy and sustainable diet

Download the session presentation here

Role of the public-private sector in food systems transformation using responsible research and innovation

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How Sweet is sweet?

Confidential recording

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The Microbiome, what's on the horizon?

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The meeting went extremely well. The content was very good, and the sense of a conference was effectively captured. Congratulations to all of the staff of ILSI Europe for an excellent job!

Dr Alan Boobis

I thought e-conference were always second best to actually meeting face to face, but this event proved me wrong. It was different to the normal symposia we all are used to and lot of fun

Dr Bryan Hanley

Fantastic event !!!! Great job. Congratulations

Simon Metz Pedersen

Thanks to all at ILSI Europe - brilliant technology, excellent speakers, really well done!

Clare Leonard

Thank you very much, it was a  great event. A new way of working, indeed

Matthias Sab

Thanks for this excellent virtual event, rich and innovative!

Etienne Pouteau

ILSI Europe’s new sustainability pillar shapes a new roadmap of activities

ILSI Europe launched a new Sustainability Pillar with a roadmap of activities that are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, and the European Union (EU) goal to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.

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The Board of Directors reinforces its commitment with ILSI Europe’s new phase

The new composition of the BoD welcomes the contributions from: Prof. Bryan Hanley (ACTA, NL), Prof. Jiri Ruprich (National Institute of Public Health, CZ), Prof. Wim Saris, Dr Mariusz Michalik (PepsiCo International, PL), Dr  Peter Van Dael (DSM, CH), Dr Suzanne Kettler, (Mondelez, US)​ and Dr Morten Georg Jensen, (GSK, DK). The experts will lead the strategic decisions of the organisation for a 3-years mandate

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ILSI Europe increases diversity and expertise in the Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SACwelcomes 4 new members: Mr. Luca Bellomo (Herbalife, IT), Ms Susanne Braun (University of Hohenheim, DE), Dr Gloria Pellegrino (Lavazza, IT) ​and Dr Ricardo Rueda (Abbott, ES) will serve for a 3-years mandate. Additionally, Dr Louise Dye rotated into the ILSI Europe Chair, and Prof. Philip Calder, who ended his mandate as Chair in March 2021, into SAC member

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New Activity Document 2021

It contains ILSI Europe's 2021 Scientific Portfolio, including our European projects partnerships and collaboration with European and international stakeholders for a free quote! We aim to tackle the most relevant scientific topics for our triparties, and continue working with you!

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