Early Career Scientist Programme


ILSI Europe strives to be at the forefront of science in nutrition, food safety and sustainability by tackling innovative and emerging topics in a timely manner. To do so, we bring together experts from academia, industry and public authorities that collaborate and share their unique expertise to reach consensus for the betterment of public health.

This collaboration is organised through Task Forces and Expert Groups. For each new activity we set up (via an Expert Group), we give the opportunity to one Early Career Scientist* to participate and contribute to the activity.

What is the programme?

You will join an Expert Group of ILSI Europe to work on an activity supported by one of our Task Forces.

The Expert Group carries out the work outlined by the task force, such as collecting & analyzing data and writing scientific papers. The output of their work is published primarily in peer-reviewed scientific journals and disseminated at relevant events. Each activity has to result in a peer-reviewed publication. A Concise Monograph or Black & White Report (ILSI Europe Report Series) may also be produced at a later stage, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

As an Early Career Scientist in the expert group, you will participate to the activity like the other experts. This will give you the opportunity to meet and exchange with your peers. In addition, you may also be paired with a mentor for specific tasks.

What are the benefits of joining an ILSI Europe Expert Group as an Early Career Scientist?


  • Contribute to the design and execution of a research project with experts and KOLs in your field.
  • Share authorship of peer reviewed publication(s) in high impact journals.


  • Exchange with other experts in ILSI Europe network
  • Participate to online and international conferences
  • Travel and accommodation costs are covered by ILSI Europe (for scientists working in academia, institutions, or non-profit organisations)

Skills development

Learn on-the-job skills with KOLs such as design of a research project, project management, and scientific writing & communication.


 Our experts make in-kind contributions. However, when a publication is accepted, every
author may ask for a small
honorarium (for scientists
working in academia,
institutions, or non-profit

What are we working on?

You will find all the details about our scientific portfolio in our Activity Document. We have a constant stream of new activities, so contact us if you have any questions on our ongoing activities.

How can you join?

At ILSI Europe, we define an Early Career Scientist (ECS) as a postgraduate student or a scientist from academia or industry who has received his/her highest degree (MSc, or PhD) within the past ten years

To be eligible to join the ECS programme at ILSI Europe, the scientist must:

     Reside in Europe

    Be able to communicate proficiently in English; 

   Have an affiliation with an academic or public institution, or with a member company of ILSI Europe. 

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