Identifying preferred approaches for quantifying the impact of modifying nutrient intakes

Background and Objectives

Public health authorities are developing programs to reduce or increase the nutritional composition of foods. These programs are supported by a wide variety of models used to estimate the public health and economic impact of some nutrition interventions. However, these models use different methodologies so results may differ. In consequence, comparing the models and its results is difficult.

The Expert Group aims at reviewing and evaluating these existing models and at providing recommendations on how to apply selected models.


The results of the Expert Group’s evaluation are contained in a systematic review. Moreover, the Health Benefits Assessment of Foods Task Force organised the workshop ‘Identifying Preferred Approaches for Quantifying the Health and Economic Impact of Modifying Nutrient Intakes’ (6-7 April 2017, Brussels, Belgium).

The outcome of both the systematic review and the workshop will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.