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ILSI Europe’s Scientific Staff

ILSI Europe scientific activities are focused on the following main areas: food safety & environment and nutrition & consumer science.
Our scientific staff is composed by world-class scientists who are managed by the Scientific Programme Director, responsible for the overall scientific performance of ILSI Europe.
The Scientific Programme Director is assisted by two Senior Project Managers in charge of supervising respectively the activities in the field of food safety and nutrition.
Each Senior Scientific Project Manager is supported by a team of three high-qualified Scientific Project Managers (SPM) with excellent scientific insight and project management skills.

The Scientific Project Managers at the heart of ILSI Europe’s activities

The scientific project managers lead the activities of the task forces and related scientific projects. They guide the conduct of major research partnerships with diverse stakeholders from the food safety, environment and nutrition & consumer research community, including companies partners, government, and academic scientists. Their duties involve leading and managing scientific projects in the field of microbiological food safety, contaminants, food allergy, low dose effect, packaging and new approaches for food safety, energy balance, glycaemia and inflammation, early life nutrition, healthy ageing and nutrient status of population in groups.
The scientific project managers are responsible for managing the task force and expert groups activities and related budgets, disseminating the scientific output, networking with renowned scientists as well as initiating and following the manuscript review process by journals and ensuring publication of scientific output in open access.